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Matchmaking and connecting people to create happy homes, is what we strive for. 


For this we have an integrated management system that focuses on data collection, research, analysis and networking, all done transparently online and through our legal mechanisms. 


                                 About the director


Mrs. Ambreen Paul Hamza has been a trusted name in the education sector and has helped numerous families unite through her networking skills. She is a staunch believer of people getting married to uphold religious and social values in Pakistan and also guides families living abroad to find suitable matches in Pakistan and beyond. 

Mrs. Hamza has received her management training through the Seplaa Hub International Learning Programs and has had incubation support from the Seplaa Hub and AFMalik Law.

As a mother, wife and responsible citizen, she is devoted to her passion of matchmaking which she feels is an an act of community building and as well as strengthening. She undertakes all her tasks extremely professionally and therefore her company Ambreen Paul Hamza Consultants (SMC Private Ltd.) is completely compliant with all laws within Pakistan and is thorough with their research and development.

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Register for free on our dedicated website.

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Our dedicated team will reach out to you for an initial discussion and to understand your requirements.

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We will send you a contract for you to sign with our terms and conditions. 

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We will start pairing the best matches and inform you about the best options for you ensuring complete privacy.

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From pre marriage counselling, to matchmaking and beyond, we have you completely covered. Reach out to us to know more about our services which are completely tailor made according to your needs.

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