The Marriage Story
Every marriage story is different. But MMMC's marriage story started from a marriage and continues with the matchmaking for others. For MMMC, it all started when a family member wanted to get a proposal for her son. It seemed as if she was maneuvering through a sea of money makers...each more concerned about the fee than about bringing people together. We have all heard that 'marriages are made in heaven'. But many don't stop to think about all that goes into a marriage and what all considerations should be kept in mind to try to make sure that the marriage remains a successful one. Helping couples get married is an act of community building. For this reason, Mrs. Ambreen Paul Hamza and her team decided to put her thoughts, ideas and efforts together to set up the Matrimonial Matches-Marriage Consultants, a thoroughly researched and legally registered company, where the focus is on bringing families together through professional and affordable expert matchmaking services. The story continues and MMMC continues to guide families and help them find the best matches for their sons, daughters and even for themselves. Are you looking for a proposal? Reach out to us and let us guide you through!  

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